Ordered by views, the most viewed at first:

Bittoxic.com from torrent sites - 3394x viewed
  • Currently 2.73/5
Torrent sites - Demonoid with user friendly interface - 3382x viewed
  • Currently 2.37/5
BT-Junkie - pure blue interface like other torrent sites - 2758x viewed
  • Currently 2.69/5
Torrent sites - Anime-Supreme the anime site - 2487x viewed
  • Currently 2.52/5
Fenopy on torrent sites - Red and green colors - 2181x viewed
  • Currently 2.57/5
A - C (3)
D - F (2)

A short review of the available torrent sites

There are also torrents sites that are best used and preferred by downloaders. The famous among those torrent sites is Torlock. This is a special website of the torrent sites as this site actually send payment to user not using torrent that is unreal or fake. This is a superb torrent service. Torlock is best to those regular downloaders who wants to save time and energy downloading from useless torrent sites.

Another site is Fenopy. It is very useful and helpful for downloading music and movies, and even TV shows. This is an overpowering site. It is integrated to last.fm radio and IMDB. The interface of the homepage is very informative and well presented. The best thing to this site is that it has the feature called fake finder. This is very important in avoiding or eliminating unwanted files or unnecessary files. The tools that you can see on this site are Fenopy browser, Vuze plug in, and Miro addon.

The next website from the torrent sites is VCDQ.com. This site is useful in verifying the torrents. This is not really a torrent searching site. This is the recommended site to avoid unrealistic or fake files. The VCDQ confirms the available title of movie, music, or any file and then send it over to search engine to detect if it is a real file.

The Demonoid.me is a private membership community of torrent users wherein you can invite friends to use this. Members of this are serious torrent users. This is indeed a very secure torrent site.

Isohunt.com is very famous site. This site has been going on for eight years now. It is one of the largest website in the internet world. It started out as a hobby at home and then eventually it became famous worldwide. It is of importance to read user’s comments when choosing a torrent file. This site stands out among other torrent sites. Their services are mostly preferred by many users.

Another useful site is Torrentcafe.com. This is a new site and needs to increase the number of its users. Given the fact that it is new it is recommended by most readers.

BitSnoop.com is useful too. It is reliable amongst the torrent sites. It has a clean design and easy to navigate. The user interface is very friendly. Given the fact that it is new in the torrent sites world it is finding its way to the market as this is a great download site. It offers less advertising and directs you to download page right away.

Another example of the torrent sites is Torrents.to. It runs on a specific domain. This site offers movie and music download both in English as well as Spanish. What’s annoying to this site compared to other torrent sites is that it has a lot of unwanted advertisements.

Kick Ass Torrents.com is one of the fastest growing site within the torrent sites category. The users of this site are rapidly growing. The search topics are arranged in a friendly manner, thus, facilitates easy downloading. The unique component of this site is that it has a feedback system which none other torrent sites have. Feedback system allows the user to leave feedback or comment on the downloading process and their total experience on using the site. They also ask the user to leave comment on how to improve their services to better serve the user.

TorrentZap is not so popular in the torrent sites world. However, it has a nice interface, user friendly and easy to navigate features. This site has plenty of annoying advertisement which makes it a not so recommended torrent sites.

Torrent Tree is a useful site for downloading too. It is a metasearch engine like other torrent sites. It shows a variety of search results that you can choose from. This is very useful to user who is fun downloading variety of movies and music.

Famous torrent sites are like Blues Brothers. This is a private community site. It watches out the number of downloading service that a user has performed. It monitors its users to avoid abuse of the site. If they found out that a certain member is abusing the downloading capacity that member will donate or else be banned on the site.

Cinema Torrents is one of the torrent sites that is making its own way in the torrent industry. User can leave ratings on the movie, music, or any file downloaded. You can see other user’s opinion and take on the movie, hence, giving you the idea upon downloading the file.

Flixflux is one of the famous torrent sites in United Kingdom especially down loaders on the Europe part. There are those advertisements on those sites that are not recommended for minors to use. However, United Kingdom users highly recommend this site especially for downloading music and movies.

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